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The First Step To Solving A Problem Is Admitting It

It is the same story all over again – one day, you have your lush, beautiful, thick hair, and a few months later, you have to shave your head and act like it was a fashion choice. Does it sound familiar? Yes, I’ve lived through that ordeal too. And here are a few lessons I’ve learned.

Nothing can prepare you for losing your hair

Yes, hair is obviously not a vital organ, and you can have a perfectly normal life without it. But it doesn’t change the fact that losing it will shock you to the core. First, there are the health worries. What is wrong with me? I am feeling perfectly fine – why is my hair falling off? Am I getting cancer?!

Believe me – you are not a hypochondriac if you freak out a bit. Go to see your GP or a dermatologist, and they will quickly find the cause of the problem. Speaking to a certified specialist often has a therapeutic effect – it will not remedy the issue. Still, it calms you down and offers an explanation and the first steps towards solving the problem.

Don’t be ashamed of your new look

I know I was – now I am ashamed of the shame itself. I shaved my head – and didn’t like the look. Because of my physique and the shape of my head, it did not work for me at all. Still, I tried to put on a brave face and came up with several stupid explanations. “I am trying a new look”, “I’ve always wanted to look like Peter Stewart”, and “What’s the big deal? I can always grow my hair back in a few months” were just a few. Only my closest friends and family knew the truth.

It took me about two years to overcome my insecurity and speak openly about my hair loss. It made me more self-aware and confident – and the support I got from the people around me was amazing!